GDPR Will Change the Way Businesses Manage Their Data

Privacy must be designed into systems that process, store, and protect data

Data breach notifications must be made within 72 hours

Businesses need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Penalties for non-compliance can be as high as 20M Euro

Actifio’s Enterprise Data-as-a-Service Software Delivers Modern Data Management
Capabilities to Address Regulatory Challenges

Exert greater data control by virtualizing secondary copies

Break down data silos to create data system of record

Protect critical data with built-in data sensitivity flags

Manage full lifecycle of data, on-premises or in the cloud

GDPR, a Global Game-Changer

According to a survey conducted in 2017 by consulting firm Baker Mckenzie, 70% of respondents believe that organizations will need to invest additional budget/effort to comply with the consent, data mapping and cross-border data transfer requirements under the GDPR.  In addition, nearly 45% of respondents indicated that they either do not have the tools to ensure that their organization complies with the main requirements under the GDPR, or else could only obtain such tools at significant cost..  Almost 30% of respondents agreed that the GDPR represents a “Global Game-Changer.”


Key questions to ask regarding your data management and data privacy strategy:

  • Are you using multiple technologies to manage secondary copies of your data?
  • Do you have multiple, physical copies of production data spread throughout the enterprise – for development, test, training, analytics, and more?
  • Is personally identifiable data flagged as sensitive in your systems?
  • Are you obfuscating or anonymizing PII in a consistent, programmatic fashion?
  • Have you adjusted your retention policies in the face of new privacy requirements?
  • As you design privacy into your systems, do you have the ability to rapidly spin up development and test environments to meet the May 2018 deadline?


Regardless of your company size or industry, GDPR will have significant implications on how you design, manage, store, and protect data.  The technologies you choose to assist in compliance should be applicable to a broad set of data management requirements, to assist with current and future regulatory requirements.  Actifio’s Enterprise Data-as-a-Service software platform is a powerful solution for modern data management.

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