Actifio Data Protection for SAP

SAP is one of the most mission-critical applications in any enterprise. Research company IDC estimates that losses due to critical applications downtime can run up to $1 million per hour.  Therefore, it is imperative that such critical systems have high availability to minimize business losses.  What’s also important in most SAP environments is the ability to run reports, analytics, and test new patches very quickly without impacting the production SAP environment. In such a scenario, rapid SAP database cloning becomes extremely important.  Additionally, the larger the SAP database, the more difficult it becomes to protect, recover and clone.

Actifio’s solution for enterprises running mission critical SAP applications on-premises or in public cloud solves all these challenges.

Key Benefits of Actifio for SAP


20x faster backup, 20x faster recovery, 40x faster DB cloning.


It’s simple and easy to setup SLAs such as how often to protect & replicate, and how long to retain. With a few clicks, you can recover a multi-TB SAP database in minutes. Using Actifio, you can provision dozens of SAP DB clones to your analytics and SAP patch testing teams instantly.


Actifio helps you protect, recover and clone your SAP application using any of the databases such as HANA, Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL.


You can protect your SAP application running on-premises and recover it on-premises or in Google, AWS, Azure, and IBM cloud. For SAP applications running in a public cloud, Actifio can protect and recover in the same or different public cloud.


Actifio can encrypt SAP data in-flight and at-rest, store backups in inexpensive and scalable cloud object storage from days to decades to satisfy your data retention requirements for compliance.


Recover 10s of TBs of SAP in no time. Provision thin DB clones of your SAP database instantly to run analytics and reports without impacting the production SAP environment. Incremental forever backup ensures you never backup a full copy again after the first time!


You don’t need one tool for backup, another for replication and DR, and yet another for DB cloning. Actifio delivers all this functionality with low RTO, low RPO, and DB cloning with a single platform, thus reducing your operational costs. Actifio’s licensing model is radically simple – it’s based on the amount of source data protected..

Gartner Rated Actifio #1 in their Backup and Recovery Critical Capabilities Report

Read the Report


1. Application Consistency

Actifio performs application consistent backups using native database APIs such as RMAN for Oracle, VSS for MS SQL, and SAP HDBSQL API for HANA.

3. Scalable Instant Recovery

Traditional recoveries have to copy the data from the backup server to the recovery server, which increases the recovery time. The larger the database, the longer the recovery time. With Actifio, you can recover a multi-TB Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, and HANA database within minutes. These recoveries with Actifio are extremely fast because of its instant mount capability.

5. Database Cloning for Reporting and Analytics

There is huge demand to run reports and analytics in SAP environments. Executing these tasks on production SAP databases impacts production application performance. Actifio can provision one or more thin DB clones instantly from its backups, allowing you to run analytics and reports on a SAP DB clone without impacting the production SAP DB.

7. Cloud Ready

With Actifio, you can leverage the major public cloud vendors and utilize inexpensive cloud object storage to store backups for long term data retention and compliance requirements.

9. Full Application Stack

A typical SAP implementation will consist of SAP modules such as SAP HRM, SAP FICO running on a different server while the database such as Oracle, Sybase or HANA might be running on a different server. For a full stack application recovery, it’s important to not only protect the database but also the servers running the SAP module. Actifio ensures protection of full application stack to provide a complete disaster recovery solution.

2. Incremental Forever Backup

Traditional backup approaches using SAP “Backint” APIs which leads to recurring full backups. This approach causes a large backup window and high impact on production applications, especially for multi-TB databases. Actifio delivers block level incremental forever backup, reducing the backup window and application impact by up to 20x. For Oracle, it uses Oracle BCT APIs. For all other databases, Actifio uses its own Change Block Tracking (CBT) APIs to deliver incremental forever backups.

4. Long Term Data Retention

Actifio replicates backups in an incremental forever manner to cloud object storage such as AWS S3. S3 IAS, Azure Blob, Google Nearline & Coldline storage. Based on SLAs, Actifio can retain data from days to decades and still provide instant access to backups living in cloud object storage.

6. Storage Efficient

When you provision dozens of thin DB clones from Actifio backups, there is no extra storage needed. Only when testers write to these thin DB clones, a small incremental storage corresponding to the changed blocks is needed. This delivers up to 20x storage savings in large environments where dozens of SAP DB clones are created for analytics and patch testing.

8. Wide Platform Support

Actifio helps you protect, recover and clone your SAP application using any of the databases such as HANA, Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL.

SAP Databases

Actifio supports all of the following databases that are typically used in SAP environments:

Actifio for SAP using Sybase

Actifio for SAP using Oracle

Actifio for SAP using MS-SQL

What Customers are Saying about Actifio for SAP

“This tool works really well with large databases 5 to 20TB+. Start there. You save more on storage out of the gate and can reuse the storage to rollout additional databases for protection. Advice to others would be to not focus on a single use case, but focus on an entire enterprise data management strategy. “

– DBA, Retail, $30B+ enterprise in Gartner Peer Insights

“WSI chose Actifio Copy Data Technology for database backup, recovery and QA/Dev/UAT environment clones and refreshes. This project is divided to two phases, 1 for Oracle and 2 for Microsoft SQL….Total of 80 TB of data, spread across about 25 production Oracle database have been protected. The largest database is 55 TB in size today. With Actifio, all production database are able to be recovery within minutes … Developer and QA environments are no longer needing physical storages for database refreshes. There are over 12 virtual Oracle databases, with more than 230 TB virtual size in total, mounted simultaneously daily for DEV, QA, post-prod, performance databases.”

– System Engineer, Enterprise Storage, Retail $3 to $10B in Gartner peer insights

Learn More

Actifio customer case study

Case Study

Apotex Prescribes Actifio for Global Data Protection
Pharmaceutical Customer

With Actifio, Apotex Accelerates Database Recovery Times by 96%

Download the Case Study

Actifio SAP Case Study

Case Study

Simplifying and Accelerating SAP HANA Data Protection

Actifo Reduces Risk and Costs for Indian Manufacturing Leader

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Actifio for Data Protection for SAP on Oracle


Actifio for Data Protection for SAP on Sybase


Actifio for Data Protection for SAP on SQL



Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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