5 reasons to consider multicloud

5 Reasons to Consider a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Multi-cloud is an important concept.  Yet some end users may think, “I have a hard enough time with one cloud. Why would I want multiple?”  It is an excellent question and rather than writing a lengthy treatise, I wanted to summarize 5 reasons to consider a multi-cloud strategy.

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The World is Powered by Data: Data Driven 2018

Data Driven 2018 exploded into Miami's Fountainbleau hotel with almost 5oo IT thought leaders, analysts, in one room discussing 1 thing: DATA

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Instant Recovery from Public Cloud

Jason Brown and Jay Livens discuss instant recovery from public cloud followed by a white-boarding session.

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benefits of mutlicloud

The Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

The reason why chess isn't as popular as other games isn’t about the game itself. It isn’t about learning the rules of the game nor it is because the board lacks colors! Instead, the reason why chess isn’t enjoyed by many is because of all the decisions we must make. If we open a move, what should we start with? We don’t know what the opposite player is going to move, how do we best react to his/her move? Should we attack or go with a defensive strategy? Each individual move has repercussions on how the end result of the game would be.

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Protect SAP in the Cloud

Protecting SAP HANA in the Cloud

Jay Livens & Ashok Ramu talk about protecting SAP HANA in the cloud

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Actifio and Pure

Differentiate with Pure Storage or …

“Why bother with something if it’s not differentiated?” questioned Ash, our CEO. “Most backup vendors invoke storage snapshot APIs to manage snapshots on production storage. What is different about us? How will we add more value to enterprises than our competitors?”

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Data protection in the cloud

SAP HANA Data Protection in the Cloud

Jay Livens and Ashok Ramu dig into using Actifio for SAP HANA data protection in the cloud

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what is an airgap

What is an Air Gap and Why Does It Matter?

What is an Air Gap and why does it matter?

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