oracle backup recovery test data management

Oracle Backup, Recovery & Test Data Management: Actifio vs Legacy Vendors

Even top cloud vendors like Salesforce & Amazon use Oracle database for one or more critical apps. The odds of finding an enterprise running a mission-critical application without an Oracle database is extremely low.

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backup to cloud object storage

Backup to the Cloud Object Storage – Actifio vs Others

It’s hard to find an enterprise who doesn’t want to use cloud object storage for their backup retentions. Why? Following are some of the reasons.

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Using SQL Copy Data for Data Protection, Test Dev and Analytics (3 of 3)

This is part 3 in our multi-part series on Microsoft SQL server, backups, recoveries, copy data management. In parts number one and two we covered SQL backups and SQL restores, in detail and talked about a lot of considerations, different approaches, pros and cons, and performance impacts. If you haven't watched those I highly recommend you do as we're building on that based on that knowledge for this particular part of the series.

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Comparing Two SQL Server Restore Methods (2 of 3)

Here for Part Two in our series on SQL Server data protection, copy data management. Part one was all about SQL Server backup methods. Once you have the data, how do you use SQL copy data, what do you use it for?  Starting out with, people use it for recoveries, number one use case.  There's two methods of doing those recoveries, one is what we call traditional restore and the second is instant mount.  So let's compare and contrast the two, understand really what they do, and when you might want to use one versus the other.

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SQL backup

4 SQL Server Backup Methodologies and the Pros and Cons of Each (1 of 3)

This is part 1 of a multipart series on Microsoft SQL Server data.  We're talking about SQL backups and copy data, different methods of using SQL copy data and creating them. To start, let's review the different backup methodologies for SQL Server databases.  There are really four different approaches that people use:

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The Benefits of Deploying Data Management at Scale for Large Enterprises

We’re witnessing a very large digital transformation that’s happening in industry.  Everybody wants to leverage the cloud to make their enterprise data centers run like the cloud.  And one of the fundamental reasons to do this is the scale at which the data is evolving.

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So Much to be Thankful For

On November 22nd, this Thursday, the U.S. will celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday. For most of us it brings a tradition of turkey dinners, family gatherings and carefully evading any talk of politics with a crazy uncle. Our Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that traces back to the Pilgrims at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1621. Their celebration lasted three days. Now we only celebrate for one day and then go shopping for the remainder of the weekend.

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Multi-Backup Applications is the Future

ESG Research Shows that Multi-Backup Applications is the Future

The Enterprise Strategy Group recently published a research report entitled “2018 Data Landscape Survey.”  As part of the research, they interviewed over 300 IT professionals on topics related to data protection.  In this blog, the first of a series on this research, I wanted share some thoughts about their findings regarding backup application usage.

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DevOps and Analytics with Microsoft Azure Ultra SSD

How to Deliver High-Performance DevOps and Analytics with Microsoft Azure Ultra SSD

Microsoft recently announced Azure's Ultra SSD storage tier. It boasts 160,000 IOPS/disk with a throughput of 2,000 MBytes per second. Clearly, Microsoft designed this for enterprises running critical workloads such as SAP HANA in the Azure cloud, which require very high performance. Best of all, you can start small and grow storage performance based on your current needs and expected growth.

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Questions from Oracle Open World

Common Data Protection Questions from Oracle Open World 2018

Last week, I attended Oracle Open World in San Francisco.  Actifio had a large booth, and I was excited to meet with many Oracle users to discuss the challenges of Oracle protection and cloning.  As part of the show, I also presented in two sessions:

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