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Introducing Actifio 10c.
Cloud. Containers. Copy Data.


Actifio 10c provides a series of new and enhanced capabilities that advance three critical aspects of multi-cloud copy data management:

The most complete, proven multi-cloud copy data management platform available, Actifio 10c represents the advancements of a decade of development driven by customers’ most urgent priorities in their pursuit of faster and more aggressive digital transformation.


Reduce costs & burden, simplify cloud DR & migration and Increase performance.


Accelerate application testing, reduce costs, and increase application time to market.

Copy Data

Instant backup and recovery, reuse backups for rapid database cloning and analytics.


Actifio Chief Marketing Officer Brian Reagan Introduces Actifio 10c


Actifio, everything your enterprise needs to be data driven.


Backup to the Cloud

Protect on-premises workloads to multi-cloud.


Cloud DR

One-click DR orchestration of VM, Physical, Database recovery in multi-cloud.


Cloud Migration

One-click migration of VM, Physical, Databases to multi-cloud.


Protect Cloud Workloads

Cloud-native snapshot management of workloads in Cloud.


Test Data Management with Containers

Rapid database cloning to containers for Dev/QA/UAT/DevOps.


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Sanjay Taneja
Advisory Engineer
Hughes Network Systems

“One of our biggest recent challenges was to eliminate a second data center and deliver low RTO recoveries in the cloud. As part of our strategy we evaluated successfully and plan to use Actifio’s new low-RTO Multi-Cloud DR Orchestration to recover more than 200 on-premises VMware VMs with Oracle databases to any major public cloud platform. This will help us significantly reduce costs and operational overhead with a simple, self-service approach of recovering our applications. We are also excited to use ‘one-click’ orchestration capability for on-demand testing in the cloud.”


Cristophe Bertrand
Senior Analyst
Enterprise Strategy Group

“The release of Actifio 10c represents another big step forward for enterprises focused on digital transformation. Many companies we talk to are interested in a simpler, more efficient approach to multi-cloud copy data management that breaks through the price-performance barriers to object storage, while also having the flexibility and universality to move data among any clouds or on-premises to any cloud. It is becoming clear that adopting intelligent data management strategies like this will drive more operational efficiency and accelerate digital transformation.”


Key Capabilities & Benefits

Actifio 10c introduces numerous simple-to-use, significant new capabilities, in addition to comprehensive updates across the board that reinforce Actifio’s place as the most mature and versatile platform on the market.

One-Click Multi-Cloud DR Orchestration:

Minimize the costs and business impact of downtime by recovering thousands of on-premises VMs, physical servers and cloud VMs with simple one-click DR orchestration in AWS and GCP.

Multi-Cloud Scale-Out Recoveries:

Reduce recovery time objective (RTO), operational burden and cost of recoveries with intelligent and elastic load balancing from object storage across multiple Actifio instances.

Breaking Object Storage Price/Performance Barriers:

Get SSD storage performance at 20% of the costs, from object storage with intelligent read/write caching in SSD storage after instant mount and recovery directly from S3-compatible object storage.

Rapid Cloning of Databases to Containers:

Accelerate application test and release cycles by reusing backups to instantly clone multi-TB databases rapidly to Kubernetes managed containers.

Mount & Migrate:

Accelerate cloud migration by re-using backups to mount instantly and migrate multi-TB VMs, physical servers, and databases as cloud VMs.

Agentless Multi-Cloud VM Snapshot Management:

Reduce operational burden with automated, SLA-driven agentless cloud-native snapshot management of thousands of VMs in AWS and GCP.

Automated Data Management for Databases:

Increase application availability for mission-critical databases like SAP HANA/ASE/MaxDB, Oracle, Oracle EBS, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Db2 with incremental-forever application-consistent backup, instant recovery, and rapid database cloning for test/dev anywhere on-premises or in any cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud.

Direct-to-Cloud VMware Protection:

Reduce costs by protecting VMware VMs to cloud object storage with or without an on-premises copy, increase flexibility by storing backups in multiple public clouds, and recover instantly in AWS, Azure, GCP, or IBM Cloud.

Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Actifio 10c delivers SLA based snapshot management of cloud VMs, lowers the backup window, reduces RPO, and delivers rapid recoveries from snapshots. Actifio10c also delivers a single pane of glass for protecting and recovering not only just cloud VMs, but also on-premises VMs, physical servers, and databases.

For Cloud VMs with databases, Actifio delivers unique app consistent, incremental forever backup, rapid recoveries with instant mount, and reuses the backup to provision rapid DB clones to Cloud VMs and containers.

Actifio offers Actifio GO – a SaaS platform that liberates customers from having to host the management interface. Actifio GO automates the scale-out deployment of Actifio Sky data movers, grows cloud object storage on-demand automatically, delivers on-demand recovery in the cloud, thus reducing the customer operational burden. It’s subscription pricing and a pay-as-you-grow model makes it simple and easy for enterprises to purchase in the cloud. It’s can be purchased directly in the GCP marketplace here.

Actifio has been doing this for a while. It stores application backups in its native application format. Coupled with its unique patented feature of instant mount and recovery straight from object storage or block storage in the cloud, Actifio enables enterprises with instant recovery of applications. Actifio 10c now offers one-click cloud DR orchestration that can recover on-premises as well as cloud workloads. And it also enables users to reuse the backup to provision rapid DB clones to on-demand test environments in Cloud VMs and Containers.