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Frequently Asked Questions


Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.

Turn your data silos into data pipelines, with automation from on-premises to any cloud for secure, instant access for business use. Learn more about Actifio by browsing the frequently asked questions below.

About Actifio

Actifio delivers Copy Data Management technology that enables companies to capture application consistent copies of database data in an incremental manner and then instantly access those copies.

This flexibility enables new use cases like DevOps, patch test and analytics as compared to traditional solutions where data is protected and is inaccessible. The technology can run on-premises or in any cloud and so it fully supports traditional, hybrid and cloud native architectures.

Actifio helps businesses minimize downtime by accelerating recoveries and delivering automated DR both locally or in any cloud. It also helps companies improve their customer experience and thus revenue by helping accelerate the pace and quality of their DevOps initiatives.

Actifio has over 3,700 customers across the globe and across industries. A common theme among customers is that they rely on data, and leverage databases as part of their infrastructure.

Actifio can help you in a variety of different manners. The most common ways Actifio helps is dramatically reducing backup and recovery times with our unique incremental forever capture and our ability to instantly recover. We also enabled modern DevOps initiatives with our API-centric software thus allowing database copies to be orchestrated along with traditional DevOps workflows. The technology delivers all of these capabilities either on-premises or in any cloud.

Actifio technology can be acquired in a number of different methods including perpetual software licenses, a subscription model or even via our SaaS offering, Actifio Go. To learn more, contact Actifio.

Actifio’s unique copy data management technology captures application in a highly efficient application consistent incremental manner to minimize the impact on production servers. Once captured, customers can rely on Actifio to retain data locally or in the cloud and then instantly access that data in minutes regardless of size.

Actifio technology runs on-premises or in any cloud thus allowing simple data movement and instant recovery or migration. Customers also rely on Actifio as the cornerstone of their test data management initiatives thus enabling their DevOps initiatives.