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Advancing Seamless Services

ServiceNOW moves all information technology from physical infrastructure to the cloud

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Data Driven 2020

Virtually Discussing the Next Normal

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SAP on Google Cloud

Achieve High Performance at Low Costs

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The Actifio Advantage for Oracle Workloads On Google’s Bare Metal Solution

Backup, DR, Rapid Database Cloning

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Actifio Helps Enterprises Do More With Less

Lower Costs, Better SLAs

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Enterprise Data that Works from Home

Make sure your critical data assets are protected, recoverable, secure, and available to power your business even in the midst of a global crisis.

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Are You Protected from Ransomware?

Recover quickly and easily

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Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management

Eliminate the data sprawl of enterprise workloads like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, MongoDB, Postgres, and MySQL. Compress data cycle time to speed recovery, and accelerate insights and innovation.

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Introducing Actifio 10c.
Cloud. Containers. Copy Data.

The most complete, proven multi-cloud copy data management platform available, Actifio 10c represents the advancements of a decade of development driven by customers’ most urgent priorities in their pursuit of faster and more aggressive digital transformation.

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Webinar – Reduce Cloud Backup & DR Costs by 50% leveraging Google Cloud




Automate self-service provisioning and refresh of enterprise workloads, integrate with existing toolchain.


High-performance data delivery and re-use for data scientists through a rich set of APIs and automation.

Backup & Recovery

Recover any data across any cloud from any point in time – at the same time – at scale, beyond legacy solutions.

cyber resiliency & Ransomware

Minimize the business impact of ransomware / cyber attacks by recovering quickly with immutable backups.


Unified platform to better protect, secure, retain, govern, or recover your data on-premises or in the cloud.


Actifio’s patented software platform turns data silos into data pipelines.

Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) delivers full-stack data management — on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud – from rich application integration, SLA-based orchestration, flexible data movement, and data immutability and security.

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Webinar: How to Reduce Costs by up to 55% with Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Reduce costs with Actifio backup & disaster recovery to any public cloud like AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM.

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Who we help

Data Driven Enterprises outperform their peers, they exploit data as a strategic asset.

Actifio solutions have delivered value for organizations around the world, from multi-national Fortune 50 brands, to regional growth companies. The common denominator is enterprise-class workloads like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2 and a need to control out-of-control growth, improve security and protection, and reduce time to value for developers and analysts.

Customers rely on our proven solutions and deep experience

Proof in Numbers.

3600 Customers
38 Countries
1 Platform

In 2008, we invented copy data management to help enterprises take back control of their data. Today, we’ve extended our copy data management solutions to address the new challenges facing global enterprises as they modernize their applications, on-premises, in hybrid or multi-cloud.

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“Our IT future is Hybrid. We’re pragmatic about what works best inside our data centers and what runs better and cheaper, with more scalability, in the cloud. Actifio Sky’s expanded feature set, and the addition of Actifio GO, mean we can check all the boxes on-site and in any cloud.”



Copy Data is a $50 billion dollar issue whose costs extend beyond infrastructure to governance, security, and time to market.

Virtualizing copy data helps solve the OPS problem of too-many copies, too much infrastructure and cost, while also addressing the DEV problem of data cycle time, too-long to use, refresh, share, analyze.

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