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Actifio GO for Google Cloud   

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In Memory vs Relational vs NoSql Databases


How Actifio Works

Take a quick video walkthrough of how Actifio software helps enterprises manage and use their data, with Vice President of Product Marketing Chandra Reddy.

For a deep dive into how our Virtual Data Pipeline technology delivers instant access to application data in the cloud or on-premises, access the whitepaper below.

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Using EBS Snapshots? Reduce AWS Backup Costs by 70+%

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Actifio Strengthens Its Data-as-a-Service Vision with AppCentric Approach in the Multicloud and DevOps Era

IDC report identifies how data virtualization vendor Actifio hit the mark on solutions for fueling the data based enterprise.

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Recovering from a WannaCry infection without paying ransom

With Actifio, you can recover file servers (regardless of size) to a known good point-in-time in less than a minute. Hear more from Dr. John A. Meyers, Ph.D., Actifio Fellow & Chief Security Officer

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Join us at Actifio Data Driven 2019

June 18-19 – InterContinental Hotel, Boston.

Backup Administrators

Rapid incremental forever backup and scalable instant recovery for database, NAS and file workloads in VMs, physical machines, and the Cloud.

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Database Administrators

High-performance, scalable database cloning and instant recovery solution that is purpose-built for Oracle, MS SQL and ERP applications.

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IT Executives

Accelerate application development of critical business solutions, protect and control critical data, and streamline management of your global data portfolio.

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Deliver your Data-as-a-Service to


Multi-Cloud SaaS for Data Driven Enterprises

  • Save Time: Get started in 1 hour
  • Save Burden: Decrease operational burden by 50%
  • Save Space: Eliminate on-premises backup storage
  • Save Costs: Reduce TCO by 40%

Enterprise Cloud Data Management


Waste Industries Modernizes DR, Prepares for Connected Future with Actifio

“The Actifio choice was about resiliency, but also about getting to a place where we could get even more innovative with data refresh, IoT and predictive analytics.”

Enterprise Cloud Data Management

Actifio for Backup & Infrastructure Managers

Nasdaq chooses Actifio, reduces backup storage from petabytes to terabytes

“Our exchange administrators were blown away the first time we actually had to recover a database for a production problem.”

Enterprise Cloud Data Management


Intility chooses Actifio to build agile, global-scale cloud platform

“One of the first things we do with any new customer is to enable Actifio. It is essential to onboarding, and it provides the data security and safety our customers require.”


Gartner calls us visionary.  Our customers call us transformational.  Learn how over 3,500 customers in 38 countries have turned Enterprise Data-as-a-Service into savings, improved protection, and business acceleration.