What is Copy Data Virtualization?

Your legacy storage infrastructure is keeping you from realizing the promise of a modern, data-driven enterprise.

When asked about their most pressing priorities, CIO’s usually list improving the resiliency of their business, increasing its agility, and moving toward a more cloud-based, efficient, and scalable technology model. Legacy application architectures, which bind application data to particular infrastructure, make all three of these priorities harder to achieve than they should be.

Server virtualization freed massive unused capacity in computing. Today data virtualization is freeing more business’s data from its legacy physical infrastructure.

It’s time to apply the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers. We all know the volume of data is growing at a staggering pace.  And the vast majority of the data we’re storing are excess copies of production, created by disparate data protection and availability tools like backup, DR, dev & testing, and analytics. According to IDC, businesses will spend $46B to store extra copies of data in 2014, or nearly 48 exabytes. This ‘copy data’ glut is driving a massive excess of both cost and complexity. There are lots of technologies out there to treat the symptoms of this problem, but only one to cure the disease: Copy Data Virtualization.

How does Actifio deliver Copy Data Virtualization?

Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach.

High level, Actifio lets you do 3 things:

  1. Capture data from production applications, according to an SLA you can define in just a few clicks;
  2. Manage that data in the most efficient way possible; and
  3. Use virtual or physical copies of the data whenever and wherever you need to.

Production data is captured non-disruptively and in its native form, to make it instantly available when needed.  A single physical copy – a “golden master,” kept current through an “incremental forever” model – is used to spawn unlimited virtual copies, across any use case where a copy of production data is required.

Copy Data Virtualization frees increasingly strategic data from increasingly commoditized infrastructure, replacing the many siloed systems you’re using today to protect and access copies of the same production data. It replaces all the software licensing and capital intensive hardware tied up in Backup, Snapshot, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Dev & Test, Compliance, Analytics, and other systems with a single, radically simple approach that does one thing: Make whatever data, from whenever it was created, available wherever you need it.


Proven business impact of Actifio Copy Data Virtualization

  • Improved Resiliency through instant data access for data protection and disaster recovery. Actifio has no backup window, and RTOs are often measured in minutes not hours.
  • Enhanced Agility. Decoupling strategic application data from rapidly commoditizing physical infrastructure means you can keep up with those changes, putting data where you need it when you need it, and slashing application development cycle times by making it readily but securely available to the developers and DBA’s who need it.
  • Transition to the Cloud. Moving your apps into the cloud won’t do much good if the data that powers them is tied to a 20th century data center. Actifio is your on-ramp to public, private, and hybrid cloud-based systems, ensuring your data follows your applications wherever they live.
  • Dramatic Savings. Actifio delivers an order of magnitude reduction in TCO, via the elimination of multiple software licenses for point tools, up to a 10X reduction in storage costs, and up to a 70% reduction in network bandwidth costs
  • Radical Simplicity. Actifio drives a significant reduction in operating expenses and management overhead by supporting multiple use cases with a single platform and a simple, straightforward management interface.


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