vFlipCup 2013
August 26th




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VMWorld Vendor TweetUp and vFlip Cup Tournament
Experience The vFlipCup Effect 

The cools kids are coming back for round two – vFlipCup 2013 – and your organization can be part of it. Experience the drama, the fun, the hundreds of thousands of tweets covering the event…

Last year we made quite a splash, making over 350,000 impressions around Twitter, and the battle for corporate supremacy exhilarated all. We’ll tweet, compete, and party at this alcohol-optional corporate shindig.

Between the engaging TweetUp (use #vFlipCup2013) and the compelling tournament, we’re looking forward to another epic night. Sign your team up and solidify your right to vie for a spot in corporate flip cup glory! Be there, or hear from the cool kids how fun it was. Register Now!