Actifio for Data Protection: the world’s fastest, easiest, and most efficient backup and recovery

Legacy backup software drives excess storage needs and expense

Data protection in many organizations is increasingly complex and fraught with risk and mounting expenses. Most backup software and legacy solutions are ill suited to today’s dynamically changing IT environments. At the same time that organizations proliferate computing via virtual environments, the data they produce and collect is exploding in the wake of Big Data applications and analytical requirements.

Legacy backup, restore, and replication systems only add to the volume of data the organization must store and move around. Point solutions are at the heart of the copy data problem driving the storage explosion and they drive costs and complexity along with it. The symptoms are common and frequent: backup windows that run so long that backups are incomplete or missed altogether, restores that take hours or days or fail completely, no granularity to the elements that can be restored, and having to use different tools to protect physical and virtual assets.

All of this drives tremendous costs in additional storage, software licenses, and personnel to manage it all, to say nothing of the risk of information loss and lost business.

Actifio makes data protection radically simple

Actifio moves past the legacy construct of traditional backup and recovery solutions to deliver a single and radically simple data protection system. The Actifio copy data storage system is based on patented virtual data pipeline technology that virtualizes storage and data management functions to operate at unprecedented scale and efficiency.

Actifio enables a “data time machine” for the enterprise, eliminating backup and restore windows and creating virtual, point-in-time copies of data on demand, for use by any business application. Instant data recovery means no delays in restoring data for any use.  And it all is enabled through a radically simple consumer grade interface that is SLA-driven and application-centric in applying data protection.

Actifio’s unique differentiated features in backup and recovery deliver powerful functionality that can speed backup modernization, improve recovery point (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) service levels, and apply granular protection at the application level and even at the VM level.

Actifio offers several key features to drive data protection efficiency:

  • A high-performance software platform that keeps pace with large-scale host counts and data sets, from Cloud infrastructures to Big Data implementations.
  • The SLA Architect: Actifio’s engine for creating SLAs that define the frequency of snapshots, class of storage to utilize, replication frequency and type, and retention.
  • The ability to produce quick and efficient virtual copies of data with no additional initial storage footprint.
  • The incremental forever with zero backup window approach that captures and moves copy data efficiently, optimizing bandwidth and storage capacity.
  • The accelerated ingest with change block tracking that enables capture of only the unique changed blocks of application data, resulting in a near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
  • Copy Data Virtualization: a globally de-duplicated object file system that manages the application-aware copy data lifecycle across snapshot points in time, storage pools, and even sites. Storage optimization results in up to 95% reduction in the storage footprint in both local and remote sites.
  • Dedup Async Replication: an Actifio-designed network protocol for efficient data movement, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique data to remote data stores. In addition to the native global de-duplication of data, this protocol drives down network usage by up to 70%.

Actifio enabled us to backup over 200 virtual machines every night.

What is the result of moving beyond legacy backup and recovery using Actifio for data protection?

Extraneous backup software, replication systems, deduplication solutions and other licenses and maintenance fees can be eliminated. Storage capacity that was used for excess copy data can be reclaimed and growth in storage requirements can be tamed. Resources that used to spend all of their time on data protection tasks can be applied to more valuable pursuits.

In all, Actifio provides a single radically simple and powerful solution that serves multiple data protection needs at dramatically lower total cost.

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