Virtualizing the Store Operation

Globally De-duplicating and Compressing Changed Data

Once changed blocks are imported into Actifio Protection & Availability Storage (PAS), the next step is to globally de-duplicate and compress the changed data. Newly imported data is de-duplicated across all physical and virtual servers managed by the Actifio PAS and are compressed prior to being written to disk. Global data deduplication and compression provide the following benefits:

  • Globally de-duplicated and compressed data can be economically stored on disk for long periods of time
  • The de-duplicated data pool provides a second, fully independent copy of the data for protection against physical problems with the production storage environment
  • Deduplication and compression optimizes the data set for transport between sites

Virtualizing the Storage Repository

In addition to reducing the storage footprint by over 10X, Actifio PAS enables customers to use any storage device. Customers can now have their SLA’s dictate the type of storage they use, rather than be 
constrained by their storage vendor. Many users have re-purposed their existing storage for storing data copies or have opted for lower cost storage devices. This capability can further reduce overall storage cost, by more than 50%.