Virtualizing the Move Operation 

Data movement is the single largest inhibitor to efficient data management in a distributed environment. Actifio delivers the industry’s most robust, efficient and scalable data movement technology that
 not only drives down the overall network usage by over 95%, but also eliminates the need for a dedicated WAN accelerator/optimizer.

Actifio offers four types of storage replication: Sync, Async, and Dedup Async replications are used for DR and BC purposes, creating remote copies of application data that are available for instant recovery operations. Dedup Backup replication is used for backup purposes to store remote copies of application data for long-term retention.

Actifio Sync and Async are similar to the synchronous and asynchronous replication offered by traditional storage arrays. Both leverage a Fibre Channel connection between customer sites for efficient data movement.

Actifio storage replication does not require storage array vendor licenses as data is sent from one Actifio system to another. Replication is heterogeneous, from any supported array to any supported array (Tier 1 to Tier 2 and/or Vendor A to Vendor B,) and fully integrated with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

Sync Replication

Synchronous replication can be guaranteed between customer sites up to 300KM apart.

Async Replication

Asyncronous replication has no distance limitation, and will send data over the WAN as fast as network bandwidth allows.

Dedup Async Replication

The third type of primary storage replication, called Dedup Async,
 is an industry first that is uniquely delivered by Actifio. This is the industry’s most efficient way of moving data, driving down bandwidth requirements by over 10X and enabling Big Data applications to be effectively managed. Dedup Async replication provides asynchronous data replication, but uses globally deduplicated and compressed data movement over the network. This approach uses a fraction of the bandwidth required with traditional replication technologies. Combined with the ability to instantly access data, Dedup Async enables disaster recovery protection for a much broader set of applications where traditional storage replication technologies are cost-prohibitive.

Dedup Backup Replication

Customers who require off-site backups for long-term archival or compliance purposes can leverage Actifio’s proprietary deduplication- aware replication protocol. This replication enables the transmission of only the globally unique blocks that are needed in the remote Actifio Copy Data Storage (CDS) system, ensuring the most efficient data movement possible.

Furthermore, the Dedup Backup replication and Dedup Async replication services utilize the same data stream for even more efficiencies. With traditional technologies, a customer will require bandwidth for primary storage replication as well as backup replication. With Actifio CDS, these two services share the same bandwidth. For example, when the primary storage blocks are replicated by Dedup-Async replication, those blocks do not need to be resent when Dedup Backup replication starts some time later, since those blocks are already at the DR site. The end result is that both primary storage and backups can be replicated sharing the same globally deduplicated and compressed data stream.

Initial Data Seeding

This feature is used to establish additional sites for DR or bringing new applications online at a remote site. Customers can choose from a variety of techniques, from shipping appliances for local data copy, seeding from tape in the remote data center, to using removable media for smaller data sets. In all cases, this feature eliminates the time, expense and bandwidth of seeding the primary data over the WAN.