Actifio provides a comprehensive data management solution for your SAP deployments. Whether you need a better way to backup SAP and protect your data, or need a more efficient means to provision SAP data and environments for development and test data management, Actifio can help.

Actifio’s software maintains application-aware point in time copies with the ability to instantly provision virtual copies for development, test, and QA. These same capabilities can also be leveraged for instant access for protection and recovery.  The results for most companies include up to a 75% reduction in development project timelines, storage infrastructure savings, fewer defects, improved development team efficiency, and dramatically improved protection and DR service-levels.

Actifio’s certified solution for SAP delivers:

  • High-performance data protection of Oracle-based SAP systems.
  • Actifio captures application data in its native format, and only ingests unique change blocks after first capture creating a golden master copy. Change blocks are applied to virtual full copies via incremental merge to deliver instant point-in-time copies.
  • Sophisticated data capture – databases and logs on different schedules
  • Roles-based access controls for self-service
  • Instant Mount, Clone, and LiveClone
  • Actifio presents read/write virtual data copy instantly, to either a virtual or physical host, via instant mount operations. Incrementally refreshed clone of point in time copy of production data or LiveClone enables in-place data transformation/masking. Dedup Async patented replication protocol offers added advantages over traditional replication.
  • SLA-based automation
  • Workflows
  • Global Deduplication and Compression: The captured change blocks are constantly evaluated against the global dedupe engine, to eliminate data movement and storage of non-unique blocks.
  • RESTful API: Programmatic control and extension is fulfilled via RESTful API, which opens the power of Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) platform to service providers.
  • Database optimized SAP solution using Network Configuration (Out-Of-Band) and In-Band Configuration for protecting both database objects and non-database files.

The SAP backup and recovery component consists of:

  •  SAP Database objects: database data files, control files, online or offline redo logs.
  •  SAP non-database file: SAP executable, oracle executable and SAP configuration files/folder.

Actifio has also collaborated with SAP to use the Backint SAP API and develop a package to interface with SAP to backup Oracle databases.