Actifio virtualizes siloed data protection apps.

Here’s how it works.

Actifio Copy Data Storage (CDS) is based on patented Virtual Data Pipeline™
(VDP) technology, delivering dramatically enhanced business availability by eliminating backup and restore windows and creating virtual point-in-time copies of data on-demand, for use by any business application. By integrating data deduplication, network, and processor utilization optimization, Actifio’s VDP provides the most efficient way to manage data growth while solving your biggest IT challenges around information protection and availability.

The Virtual Data Pipeline is a distributed object file system, virtualizing the core primitives of data management—copy, store, move and restore—to enable instant creation of virtual copies of point-in-time data from the collection of unique blocks of data.

Taking advantage of the VDP starts with creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to drive the lifecycle of your business application data. The SLA you create in the Actifio CDS interface determines:

  • The frequency of your snapshots,
  • The type of storage in which they’ll be kept, for example in the Tier I pool on SAS disk of the most recent snapshots, or in the de-duplicated Tier II pool using capacity optimized SATA drives,
  • A retention policy directing how long they’re to be stored, and finally…
  • Whether they’re to be replicated to a remote location or cloud service provider in order to provide geographic redundancy.

Once you’ve created an SLA you’ll be able to bind any application or virtual machine to it, again using a simple point- and-click interface to select from among those that appear automatically in the Actifio interface.

Click the big blue “Protect” button, and you’re done.

After creating and storing a single complete snapshot, our agentless Change Block Tracking technology captures only the changed blocks of your application data, and associates the appropriate application meta-data to prepare them for transfer to the pool.

That data is then moved by Actifio’s Dedup Async technology, a custom-built network protocol designed to transfer data with up to 70% less bandwidth than traditional systems that dedup further downstream.

Using far less bandwidth and far less storage than the conventional approach, Actifio CDS enables a near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) not even possible with those systems.

When you need to recover your data, Actifio CDS parses the underlying object file system to extract information in application format, at whatever recovery point you choose. By directly mounting the recovered data to a server, no data movement is required, resulting in Actifio’s game-changing near-zero RTO.

Actifio solution deployment has virtually no production performance impact, and requires no change to existing
 data management applications. Actifio customers often
 begin by deploying Actifio against a subset of their data protection applications, where it happily coexists with existing applications and infrastructure. Over time the opportunity to eliminate those siloed solutions becomes clear, and Actifio replaces them with a single, elegant solution to the enterprise-wide copy data problem.

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