The shift toward the enterprise cloud is a double-edged sword for service providers. On the one hand, business is great, with more and more customers moving toward the cloud. On the other, there are plenty of ​things to keep you up at night.

The low end of the market is occupied by a handful of players with massive scale and a cost structure powered by home-built compute, networks, and storage. ​Meanwhile, you’ve ​likely built your business on branded infrastructure vendors who get paid up front, for technology you’​ll​ monetize over time.

Focus on moving up the food chain to command a premium price, and you​’ll​ ​face a short term margin and capital hit. Focus on growth, and you’ll find acquiring new customers means mirroring their technology like-for-like, creating the operational nightmare ​of ​a “Noah’s Ark-itecture” – vendor hardware marching two-by-two – each needing support by people with specialized expertise.

The ​way out starts with realizing that the ​root cause of all these problems is a business model built ​UP from infrastructure. ​Solving the problem demands a new approach ​to the business, ​developed ​DOWN from what customers actually care about​:​ application SLAs.

The customer data that’s the lifeblood of your business is bound up in storage architectures designed in the 1980’s. It’s siloed into use cases that create copies without knowing what copies already exist.

It takes too long to access, and costs too much to store and protect. And doing something new with it – improv​ing​ SLAs, delivering new services, or just making it easier to manage – is a lot harder than it should be.


It’s a purpose-built bundle of technology, deployment services, and enablement programs dozens of cloud service providers around the world are using to transform their underlying economics and business value proposition.

It’s built on Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, to ​change your business by providing the operational leverage of storage vendor-agnostic data management, and the revenue leverage that comes from being able to open up new subscription-based services on the back of a subscription-based cost model.

It works by virtualizing data in much the same way other technologies have virtualized compute and networking.​ ​


Actifio enables cloud providers to offer data management services based on the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline technology.

Actifio Web Diagrams_Actifio Powered clouds 3

Services providers manage local appliances (physical or virtual) at customer locations for local protection and replicate data from those local Actifio instances to others in their own managed cloud. Using the Actifio Service Enablers, like Actifio Resiliency Director, and the Actifio Foresight API, service providers orchestrate Infrastructure-as-a-Service resources and apply them to each required use case, such as DR-as-a-Service, Dev/Test-as-a-Service, Analytics-as-a-Service, and more.


With Actifio CSPs may deliver an expansive catalog of data resiliency oriented services, including backup modernization, vaulting and long term retention, backup and data protection, disaster recovery and failover testing, remote site replication, and more.



With Actifio CSPs can deliver instant data access, as well as a variety of data agility oriented services, including DevOps as a service, Test Data Management as a service, Cloud data on-boarding, Data Warehousing and analytics provisioning, and more.



With Actifio CSPs may offer services designed to address the challenges their customers face in an era of data movements across a distributed, hybrid cloud model.