Recover anything instantly, for up to 90% less than you’re paying today.

C’mon. Seriously? Yep. Here’s how.

First we save you all the licensing and hardware costs you need today to support multiple, siloed data protection solutions (Backup, Snapshot, DR/BC, Test & Dev, etc.) in the traditional mode. Plus we handle dedup and WAN Optimization, while protecting you from vendor lock-in on your storage provider.

With those out the window, the complexity of integrating and managing it all goes away as well. Actifio lets you create SLAs, bind application data to them, and protect those applications all through a single application that runs on any laptop, and soon off any iPad. That means freeing up IT folks to work on projects that add more strategic value to the business. And that means lower costs to protect your data.

Third, there’s the reduction in bandwidth required to support the movement of data across your network. Actifio dedups – globally – right up front in the process, rather than at the second tier of storage. Move less data across your network means needing less network to move it. And that saves you money.

Fourth, there’s the reduction in the storage footprint required to support your Tier 2 storage. The savings here are massive over time, as the storage you have supports your data growth much longer than it otherwise would have. We’ve had customers scrap plans for SANs that mirror the capacity of their entire production environment. Expense, gone.

Only then do we quantify the increase in business value associated with “instant recovery.” Downtime is expensive… we all know most companies have a backup cycle that’s longer than what they promise in their own internal SLAs. The business case here alone can often justify the investment in Actifio.

Turns out radically simple is radically less costly as well. Let us do the math on what we can save you.

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