Actifio Product Line

Your business objectives are as unique as your IT environment. The Actifio copy data virtualization platform is a custom-configured, enterprise-class solution designed from your application SLA’s down.

The core of the data management platform is an integrated appliance that powers Actifio’s software and manages underlying infrastructure — either Actifio-integrated or 3rd party storage. Platform capabilities may be extended through virtual appliances, providing protection and management of data at the edge of the organization and into the cloud.

Our two product families, delivered on premises, in the cloud, or through any of our dozens of Actifio-enabled Cloud Service Provider and public cloud partners, are called Actifio CDS and Actifio Sky™:

Actifio CDS™ is Actifio’s Enterprise-class product, designed for large-scale deployments in heterogeneous data center environments. Actifio CDS supports a broad range of applications, host operating systems, and third-party storage, and is designed to manage and protect nearly a petabyte of application data per system.  Each Actifio CDS operates in both physical and virtual environments, with the ability to manage up to 1,000 virtual machines per system.

Actifio Sky™ is a software-only data virtualization platform for the distributed enterprise that makes a virtual instance of Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) available wherever application data resides. When combined with Actifio CDSTM in the data center, Actifio Sky for ROBO delivers WAN- and storage-efficient data protection for remote offices, eliminating barriers to data mobility from the edge to the core.

Actifio also offers additional business software that extends the power and versatility of both Actifio CDS and Actifio Sky. The first of these, Actifio Resiliency Director™ orchestrates compute, network, and data at an enterprise disaster recovery site or a cloud service provider and validates the results to provide a complete solution for non-disruptive, automated recovery and test. It delivers complete resiliency in the cloud and enables enterprises to restore critical business functionality faster and cheaper than previously possible.

Actifio Copy Data Storage Product Packages

 cds-head-215  sky-head-215
  • Enterprise-Class

    Data Virtualization Platform


  • Data Virtualization Platform

    for the Distributed Enterprise


Licensed Capacity

20TB – 100TB

ROBO or Cloud Vault (1TB, 4TB, 8TB)

Host Connectivity 1Gb / 10 Gb (optional) N/A
Storage Included Optional No
SLA Architect Included Included
Workflows Included No
Instant Mount Included No
LiveClone™ Included No
DeDup Async Replication Included No
Dedup Backup Replication Included Included
Data Lifecycle Management Included Included
Sync and Async Replication Included No
In-Band Protection Included No
Reporting Engine Included Included
Exchange / Sharepoint Recovery Optional Optional
Bare Metal Recovery Optional Optional
Tape-Out Optional Optional
Data Masking Optional Optional