Actifio Product Line

The right product, no matter what your data protections requirements

The Actifio product line is designed to have the best of both worlds: standardized system components that scale up and out across the product line, able to be combined in a virtually infinite number of fixed and custom configurations.

The Actifio 100T starts with a hardware configuration able to protect up to 100 Terabytes of typical production data. Starting with this flexible, enterprise-class cluster, customers who might be far from typical can add modular storage or processor capacity required to support any application. Need to protect more than 100 Terabytes of production data? No problem. Actifio can combine standard or custom 100T packages to scale up to 2 Petabytes.

Actifio product configurationsThe Actifio 100T is designed for data centers and compute farms in mid-sized to large-sized application environments, and is a turnkey solution including Actifio optimized storage.  Each Actifio 100T operates across both physical and virtual environments, with the ability to manage up to hundreds of virtual machines per system.

Taking advantage of existing storage is also easy with the Actifio Enterprise Gateway, which doesn’t include storage, yet can virtualize and manage a wide variety of third party storage devices. The Actifio Gateway is designed for regionally and globally distributed enterprises, including cloud and managed service providers. It’s built for a large mix of physical, virtual, and heterogeneous server and storage infrastructure, and also scales to handle multi-petabytes of data.


Actifio Copy Data Storage Product Packages

Which Configuration Is Right For Me?    
Designed for
  • Data Centers, Compute farms, with optional Remote Office / Branch Office Config
  • Mid-sized to large application environments, host counts
  • Big data applications
  • Heterogeneous physical and virtual environments
  • Copy Data tool sprawl
  • Underperforming applications due to Copy Data overhead
  • Scale up (capacity) and out (performance) to 100TB


  • Cloud / Managed Service Providers
  • Regionally / globally distributed enterprises
  • Multi-tenant environments
  • Large mix of physical, virtual, and heterogeneous server and storage infrastructure
  • Scale to Petabytes


Licensed Capacity

ROBO (7TB), 15TB – 100TB

Scalable to 8PB

SLA Architect Included Included
SLA / Data Lifecycle Manager Included Included
Dev/Test Workflows Included Included
Sync / Async Replication Included Included
DeDup Async Replication Included Included
Backup Replication Included Included
Failover Testing / Failback Automation Included Included
Report Manager Included Included
AD / LDAP Integration Included Included
In-Band Protection Included (except for ROBO) Included
Mobile Monitoring/Management Suite Included Included
Platform API Included Included
Exchange / Sharepoint Recovery Optional Optional
Bare Metal Recovery Optional Optional
Host Connectivity FC/iSCSI FC/iSCSI
Actifio Optimized Storage Included No
Tape Output Optional Optional