Getting started with Actifio is easy.

All Actifio Copy Data Storage (CDS) products can be deployed non-disruptively into a data center and complement existing storage solutions, working over the IP network, or within a SAN fabric.

Customers typically see the power of the Actifio solution themselves in just a few days, and soon after begin to re-purpose or decommission point tools like backup software, WAN optimizers, and dedup appliances. As that consolidation occurs, the ROI of the Actifio solution increases. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab validated that Actifio would reduce storage capacity needs by 29 times and it would save 95% of network bandwidth (don’t take our word for it.)

How does Actifio Fit?

All Actifio CDS products can be deployed in a single-site, referred to as “Enterprise Local Protection”, or multi-site configuration, called “Enterprise Business Continuity.” Multi-site configurations leverage the native replication capabilities of Actifio CDS, either Sync, Async, Dedup Async, or Backup replication.

Will it scale into large environments?

Actifio Gateway is designed for the most demanding data center environments, delivering high-availability and scalability. Actifio Gateway is perfect for protecting large-scale physical, virtual or heterogeneous server environments. Actifio Gateway configurations begin with two nodes operating in an active-active mode, each providing I/O fail-over capability for the other. Today, Actifio Gateway deployments can scale up to 8 PB.