Actifio Sky™

Copy Data Virtualization for the Data Center, Cloud, and the Edge

Actifio’s copy data virtualization platform helps companies take control of their data, delivering greater resilience and agility while enabling secure mobility of data to and from the cloud.  Actifio Sky™ is a software-only data virtualization platform for the distributed enterprise that makes a virtual instance of Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) available wherever application data resides, from the data center core to the public cloud. Actifio Sky™makes it easier to move data back to a central management site to improve data protection, governance and analytics by offering a new level of deployment flexibility and range, including the remote office, cloud and, ultimately, the data center.

Actifio Sky™ will be offered first in a ROBO Edition for Remote / Branch Offices (ROBOs) and a Cloud deployment option for businesses looking to shift enterprise workloads into the cloud.

Actifio Sky

Critical capabilities include:

  • SLA Architect: Foundation of Actifio’s data virtualization platform, SLAs manage infrastructure and data in the language of the business. SLAs define sophisticated data flow across multiple use cases, even across locations. Granular policies can be applied to applications, platforms, or even individual VMs.
  • Accelerated Ingest with Change Block Tracking: Capture of only the unique changed blocks of application data, dramatically accelerating time to capture, and reducing the burden on the production application.
  • Instant Data Use: By directly mounting or cloning a read/write virtual copy of data to a server, no data movement is necessary, resulting in nearly instant access and recovery times.
  • WAN-Optimized Replication Protocol: Actifio leverages a highly efficient data movement protocol, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique changed data to the remote data stores. This drives network usage down by up to 70%.
  • Native AWS Support: Virtual appliances can be deployed to Amazon web services, leveraging on-demand compute and storage infrastructure.


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