Deliver Enterprise-Class Services at Consumer-Grade Pricing

The good news is that, according to IDC, nearly half of all storage hardware and software spending will soon be devoted to cloud services. The bad news? Competition for those services has never been more intense among Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking for an edge in this exploding market.

Now there’s more good news: Actifio delivers a service provider solution that lets MSPs deliver a revolutionary value proposition: Enterprise- class SLAdriven services with guaranteed RPO and RTO, at a price competitive with consumer-grade, quality-of-service based offerings.

What makes it possible is Actifio’s radically simple approach to enabling managed backup/recovery and business continuity services. Actifio lets MSPs slash costs, cut complexity, and break down operational barriers by combining server, storage, and data management virtualization technologies together into a purpose-built, Service Level Agreement (SLA)-driven operational model. The results:

  • Superior Services
  • More Revenue
  • Better Margins


Today, MSPs are struggling to balance often unreasonable customer expectations about what can be accomplished in the cloud with the practical limitations of enabling technologies that—especially when combined with prohibitively expensive network bandwidth—create a cost structure that makes profitable operations challenging. The legacy architecture for these services, using multiple tools for Backup/Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, operating in separate silos, is the source of the problem.

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